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3D Game Art

3D art is an essential part of many industries, including architecture, video production, advertising, and game development. In gamedev we use 3D art not only for the direct purposes but also for keyframing - to get a fast concept of the game trailer or marketing video, but also for illustrations - to get a 100% correct view of a character or object from any possible perspective

What kind of 3D services do we provide?

At our game art studio, we offer a wide range of services to fit any specific needs

Character Modelling

We create both realistic, stylized, and cartoony 3D character models, bringing your game's protagonists and NPCs into a 3D world. Our expert artists pay meticulous attention to texturing and shading, ensuring each character is visually appealing and fits seamlessly in universe you create

Environment Design

Our team excels at crafting 3D environments, Whether it's creating intricate landscapes, architectural fantasy structures, or atmospheric sci-fi sites. We also provide a range of environment assets, such as props, vegetation, and objects, to enhance the overall visual experience

Prop and Object Modeling

We specialize in creating high-quality 3D props and objects that add depth and interactivity to your project. From weapons and vehicles to furniture and interactive elements, we ensure every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance gameplay and visual aesthetics

SFX and Particle Systems

Our technical artists can create dynamic and eye-catching special effects using advanced particle systems. From explosions and fire to magical spells and weather effects, we can add that extra level of immersion and excitement to your player’s experience

Animation and Rigging

We have skilled animators to bring your characters and creatures to life through fluid and realistic movements. Whether it's character attacks, combat actions, or cinematic sequences, we ensure smooth and captivating animations that enhance the overall gameplay experience

Process of 3D Game Art Creation

We follow a systematic process to ensure the creation of high-quality 3D game art that meets your vision and requirements


We work closely with you to understand your vision and concepts. Our artists develop sketches and concepts to establish the style, mood, and overall look of entire screen

Modeling and Texturing

We create detailed and accurate models of characters, objects, and environments. We pay careful attention to texturing and material application to bring the required level of realism to the 3D assets

Rigging and Animation

Our animators add skeletal structures (rigging) to the 3D models, enabling them to move and animate seamlessly. We create lifelike animations for characters, objects, and environmental elements to make them look alive

Lighting and Rendering

We utilize advanced lighting techniques to set the mood and ambiance of the scene. Our rendering process ensures that the final 3D assets are visually stunning, with realistic shadows, reflections, and textures

Optimization and Integration

We optimize the 3D assets for performance on various platforms and devices without compromising visual quality. Our team ensures smooth integration of the 3D game art into your game engine, ensuring a seamless gaming experience


Our Advantages in 3D Game Art


Our Advantages in 3D Game Art

Expertise and Experience
Customization and Flexibility
Quality and Attention to Detail
Timely Delivery
Collaboration and Communication
Timely and cost-effective

Last Projects

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Team for creating 3D Game Art

Art Director

Our 3D game art service is led by skilled Art Director who bring expertise and creativity to every project. With a deep understanding of the development process and nailed artistic vision, he guided the art team to create visually stunning experiences. Trusting our Art Director is to deliver exceptional 3D assets that captivate players and elevate your product to new heights. Experience the difference of working with our talented Art Directors for your next project

Project Manager

Project Managers ensure smooth and successful project execution. With their strong organizational skills and attention to detail, they oversee the entire production process, from concept to delivery. Our Project Managers collaborate closely with clients, artists, and other stakeholders to ensure timely delivery, budget adherence, and exceptional quality

Lead 3D Artist

Our 3D game art service is led by highly skilled Lead 3D Artists who bring expertise and creativity to every project. With their deep understanding of 3D techniques and industry trends, they oversee the art team, ensuring the highest quality and consistency in visual elements. Our Lead 3D Artists excel in character design, environment creation, and asset development, meticulously crafting captivating visuals that enhance the gaming experience

3D Concept Artists

A team of talented 3D Concept Artists brings your ideas to life. They transform concepts into captivating visual designs for characters, environments, and key elements of your game. They play a crucial role in establishing the direction and setting the tone for your game. With their skills in 3D modeling and rendering, they create artwork that elevates the gaming experience

3D Character Designers

Skilled 3D Character Designers from PaintPoolStudio specialize in creating captivating characters for PC and Mobile games. Their expertise in anatomy, form, and storytelling, helps to bring characters to life with intricate details and unique personalities, as they understand the importance of creating visually appealing characters that resonate with players

3D Environment Designers

Create impossible worlds with the help of our skilled 3D Environment Designers. With an eye for detail and a passion for creating environments, they craft stunning landscapes that transport players to extraordinary virtual realms. From lush forests to futuristic cities, our 3D Environment Designers bring your game to life with their expertise in composition, lighting, and texture creation

Technical Artist

Bridging the gap between art and technology, they bring a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise to your project. Our Technical Artists optimize assets, create efficient workflows, and implement cutting-edge visual effects that elevate the overall quality of your product. With their deep understanding of industry-standard tools and techniques, our Technical Artists ensure seamless integration of assets


How long will it take to complete the initial sketches?

Why outsource the development of 3D art?

The importance of 3D game concept art in game development?

Examples of impressive video game art styles?

Importance of 3D Game Art in Various Industries

From entertainment and advertising to education and simulation, 3D game art brings virtual experiences to life. Our 3D art studio collaborates with diverse industries, delivering stunning visuals that captivate audiences and enhance brand recognition. Through our 3D game art outsourcing services, we provide tailored solutions for your specific industry needs.

The Importance of Character 3D Game Art

Characters are the heart of any game, and our skilled artists excel at creating lifelike and engaging 3D character models. Through meticulous attention to detail, texturing, and shading, we breathe life into your protagonists, NPCs, and creatures. Our 3D game art studio ensures each character is visually striking and seamlessly integrated into your world.

The Role of 3D Game Art

3D art sets the stage for memorable gameplay experiences. Our team of talented artists understands the significance of environment design, asset creation, and special effects. With our 3D game art outsourcing studio, we craft immersive worlds, realistic props, and breathtaking visual effects that elevate your game's atmosphere and engage players on a deeper level.

3D Game Artists

Behind every visually stunning game is a team of skilled 3D game artists. At our 3D art studio, we pride ourselves on having a dedicated team of experienced professionals who are passionate about their craft. With their expertise in character modeling, environment design, and animation, our artists bring your vision to life, ensuring high-quality and captivating visuals.

Benefits of 3D Game Art for Video Games

Exceptional 3D game art brings numerous benefits to video games. It enhances player immersion, elevates storytelling, and creates a visually stunning experience. With our 3D game art studio, you can expect visually captivating worlds, lifelike characters, and seamless integration of art assets, ultimately leading to increased player engagement, positive reviews, and a competitive edge in the market.

In conclusion, 3D art has become an essential part of many industries, providing numerous benefits such as realistic renderings, flexibility, and cost savings. With the help of 3D art techniques, businesses can create visually appealing content for various applications. Outsourcing 3D art creation provides businesses with access to skilled professionals and cost savings, making it a flexible and attractive option for businesses. If you're looking for a 3D art studio that specializes in game art outsourcing, look no further than our 3D game art outsourcing studio. We provide high-quality 3D art creation services that meet the needs of businesses across various industries.

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