Our story

PaintPool Studio stands as a versatile game art studio, spanning the globe to shape gaming aesthetics. With a multi-location setup, we master art production for Mobile, PC, and Consoles. From UI/UX and 2D concepts to character animation and marketing art, our team excels in diverse game art facets.

Our focus is on fostering artistic collaboration and fueling developers' visions worldwide. We're experts in project management, aligning game design insights and industry workflows for tailored creative solutions that meet deadlines and budgets.

In 2018, our journey began in Kyiv, driven by a shared game passion. Today, our team of 30+ pros offers holistic art, animation, and development services to global partners.

We embrace innovation, driven by ambition and charisma. Our essence is in unity, nurturing belief in collective success, and creating an environment for professional and personal growth.



We gather and approve all technical specifications for each requested asset, setting the groundwork for a successful project.
Lead Artist provides Mood board to develop Style guide for the Art team
Concept Artist prepares line and color sketches of game assets with a review on each stage
When color schemes are approved Art team proceed to the rendering stage
We accommodate any additionally requested assets or change requests that may arise during the polishing stage.
Once all assets are approved, we meticulously prepare and deliver export files according to technical requirements.

Core team

Volodymyr Tokariev
CEO, Head of Studio
Julia Proshenko
Art Director
Yehor Kovalskyi
Business Developer
Taisiia Parubok
Project Manager Director

Our mission


At PaintPool Studio, we provide customers with an unmatched experience through our personalized approach. Our project managers and lead artists collaborate closely with clients to ensure a deep grasp of their vision and goals.

Full cycle of art production for mobile and computer games

Our team can handle all aspects of the game art production process, including:

  • Character design
  • UI/UX
  • Environment art
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • 3D modeling and texturing

Through our all-encompassing methodology, we can produce harmonious and visually captivating game art that captivates players and elevates the gaming experience.

The separate cycle of art production

As a game art outsourcing studio, PaintPool Studio offers a dedicated production cycle for clients seeking more specific services. Whether it's crafting game icons, designing logos, or producing promotional art and videos for stores, our flexible approach ensures tailored solutions that match both budgets and timelines. At our game art studio, we adapt to our clients' unique needs, delivering exceptional results that elevate their gaming projects to new heights.

Why choose our game art outsourcing studio?

By selecting our game art outsourcing studio, you engage with a team of passionate artists who are avid gamers. We're committed to giving your product a competitive edge with stunning visuals. Our personalized approach, covering a complete cycle of game art production, ensures tailored solutions that meet your needs. Count on reliable cooperation as we aim to deliver the best service. Elevate your game with exceptional artwork - contact us today to Quote for free>>>

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